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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to receive my order?

-Due to my recent high volume and work load with going back to school it can take anywhere from 3-7 business days (exclude an weekends, I do not usually ship on weekends unless for the holidays) to ship your order. Please refrain from sending any messages or emails regarding your order within the first week. I assure you the order is in process and on the way as fast as I can. USPS has also been having problems lately with weather and packages being MIA for a period of time. I keep an eye on the tracking numbers as well. If your package seems to be missing I will happily make you a new piece or work something out with you! Any unforeseen circumstances may cause longer delays. I will do my best to keep up with announcements on Instagram @tytownjewelry.

Do you ship internationally?

-Yes! Currently I am shipping to:

  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • France
  • Feel free to mail me to add a specific location, slowly adding more as I go along but definitely worldwide shipping friendly!

You say your items come gifting ready what does that include?

-All my jewelry is shipped in a gift ready box. The piece is snugly placed on a show card and enclosed with a bow. Depending on the item I will put anti-tarnish tissue paper or a tab to keep from losing any of that luster up until you're ready to open it. It also comes with a polishing pad or cloth to keep it looking shiny and you can always put the item back in the box with the anti-tarnish stuff when not wearing. In addition to gift wrap will be one of my signature stickers or pins! You can also add more stickers to your order separately. Refer to image above for example.

How should I maintain my jewelry?

-Be sure to polish with the cloth especially on the days you feel it has a lot of sweat contact or extended wear. Even extended wear with makeup or the weather can begin to change your jewelry or tarnish it faster. You may also clean your jewelry following the steps below (how I keep my jewelry safe): 

1. Use 'Dawn' soap or any other dish soap (not hand soap) and mix with hot water. Stir & let have a small soak. 

2. Use a old tooth brush or soft bristled brush to give it a light scrub and careful not to use anything damaging or aggressive such as Scotch-brite pads or any wired brushes. 

3. Rinse and dry! Keeping your piece dry is very important. Store properly in the original boxing or a soft bag/lined box.

You may also want to avoid wearing the jewelry in pools or hot tubs. Do not wear while applying lotions or sunscreens. Do not wear while showering and wait till after perfuming before wearing if you like perfume. Not recommended to be worn during workouts either!