Custom Orders

Custom Ordering & My Process

How do I custom order?

I am no longer taking customs at random, I will only be accepting customs that allow me the freedom to create. I do not like being rushed on pieces, my turn-around time can vary anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks (tentatively) depending on the design. I have also returned to getting my education complete so the turnaround time will vary heavily on the project. If you are okay with that and do not mind being patient; please send me a message via Instagram @tytownjewelry or you can e-mail me at to discuss the details further.


Custom Order Process:

  1. -Send me a message via Instagram or e-mail and we will discuss the details and information for your custom. I will confirm with you if it is a project I can undertake or if I unable to because of short deadline you may need it by.
  2. I will give you an estimate that may either be the final cost or possible increase as we go through the creation of the piece!
  3. -I will take all the details and information and create a form. You do not need to fill out the form! It is just a reference sheet to make sure I am organized and creating your custom as discussed. 
  4. -Once payment is confirmed I will place your order in queue, I sometimes do not start your commission right away. Turnaround time varies and I will do my best to provide you with a rough idea how long till I can start and complete the project.
  5. -Please be patient throughout the process! I will message you directly when your piece is ready to be reviewed or get some feedback before I fully solder everything together. If you do not receive a message I am not at a point with the piece to share any details of it yet. 
  6. Once I get confirmation everything looks great I will solder everything together and proceed with finishing the piece! A picture will be sent your way and confirmation of shipping details.
  7. Thank-you for shopping small and ordering a custom piece from me!

Payment information about Custom orders:

I do not do holds anymore. Payment is in full upon ordering and at certain amounts half and half. Turnaround time is 1-8 weeks (tentatively) in some cases may be more or less depending on the item. I will not start your custom until payment is received or half is put down.